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Lucretia: Demon Princess
This is the official demo release of Eponasoft's new horizontal shooter. It is being mirrored here. ISO/OGG format, comes with Windows-based decoder. Be sure to let them know what you think!

There was an issue with the ISO included in the original demo release. Here is an updated version of just the ISO. If you already downloaded the demo, you don't need to download the whole thing over again; if you haven't downloaded the demo yet, the file above now has the correct ISO in it.

This is a Bomberman clone for two to five players. ISO/OGG format, comes with Windows-based decoder.

Here is a ROM image version. It lacks music and ADPCM samples but is otherwise the same game. The archive contains a standard ROM image as well as a headerless ROM image for flash carts that don't like the header.
DOWNLOAD - 32190 bytes

cf2editor (unfinished prototype)
This is a BRAM editor for Cosmic Fantasy 2. It's still in the prototype stage but it can already edit a great deal of information. It also includes a raw editor, so you can affect the values of any of the 338 bytes of the savefile directly. Self-extracting RARfile.
DOWNLOAD - 70239 bytes

Developer Tools
A small collection of commandline utilities to assist ROM manipulation for physical hucard development. Windows only, but can be made for other operating systems if there's demand for it.
DOWNLOAD (remote link)
PCEMAP Early Prototype
This is a solid map editor for HuC projects. It is still an early prototype but it is functional. For tiles, it accepts PCX files only, since these are readily accepted by HuC. In addition to its own proprietary map format and its ability to output flat binary map files for #incbin inclusion into your HuC project, PCEMAP can also import CSV files created by mappy. More builds of this new editor will come later.
This is a small utility written in Visual Basic 6 that allows you to import the palette of any 16-colour PCX file and see exactly how the colors will appear on actual PCE/TG16 hardware. It also allows you to modify the palette entries and will generate palette sourcecode for inclusion into your HuC program. Requires VS98 runtime modules (like batteries, these are not included).
DOWNLOAD - 9944 bytes

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