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Mysterious Song is now back in stock and available for purchase on our Purchase page. It took longer to get through manufacturing than we had hoped, but it's here at last!

Due to overwhelming demand, Frozen Utopia has sent Mysterious Song back to the factory for a second run. The expected arrival time is early December, but it could be late November as well. The sponsor of the remanufacture of Mysterious Song has authorized pre-orders of the new release. It can be pre-ordered on the Purchase page.

A few items to go over today. First of all, Frozen Utopia is assisting in the distribution of Eponasoft's new shooter, Lucretia: Demon Princess. We are hosting a mirror of the playable public demo. You can find it on the Downloads page.

Because of the new game, Frozen Utopia has a few shiny new items available for purchase for cheap! You can find them on the Purchase page.

A combo pack of MSR + the bonus content was released on eBay in limited quantity some time ago, for a reduced price.

Eponasoft has officially opened preorders for Lucretia. You can check that out here.

Finally, anyone who has not yet received their copy of Mysterious Song is encouraged to email us right away. It's been long enough for the post offices in question to get you your order, and there is no excuse this time, since there have now been three mailings to some of our international customers. Please email Nodtveidt directly. You can get ahold of him by sending a gmail to username adosorken.

Due to issues with eBay, we have canceled all of our available sales there. The game is still available for purchase through our website. We have temporarily taken down the DVD order buttons, but the DVD option will become available again later today. We apologize for the inconvenience.

As of 10:05PM AST, the DVD purchase option was restored. We are ONLY taking orders through our website from now on.

Just a quick update for those awaiting the arrival of their copy of Mysterious Song... we have shipped out so many orders that we prematurely ran out of shipping supplies. More have been ordered, and will be arriving shortly. Do not worry; everyone will get their order. This is especially true for those of you who were in the first 100 orders... yours is coming ASAP. :)

Welcome to the new Frozen Utopia website... at long last. :) Just a few changes to the site, really... it has all the same content as before, but we've added a new Purchase page to keep things more organized for those who wish to pick up copies of our productions. And it still looks like it came from 1995. Also, some staff changes have happened since we last updated the About Us page; of note is the addition of "loempiavreter" who will be working on the Dragon Arm production. Finally, we have officially dropped Neutopia III from our active projects list, though it may re-appear branded as something else at a later time.

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